about the blog

Welcome to pumpercake… my baking blog, my creative outlet and my online recipe box.  Here, I will share the tips, tricks and recipes I love in hopes to inspire others to find beauty in food and to create more beautiful food.

about the baker

I’m Jaclynn, a Metro-Detroit native and spirited Michigan State University alum.  I’m currently living in the DC area and am thrilled with the numerous possibilities that the city has to offer as I pursue a life of professionalism, public relations and pastry!  I’m passionate about food and very passionate about dessert.   I love to reinvent the well-known classics and recreate my friends’ and family’s favorite sweets.

Before my eyes, pumpercake has rapidly grown from a fun hobby to a kind of wonderfully blooming small business.  It seems that as my local network expands, so does the number of dessert orders placed. I find myself suddenly and pleasantly overwhelmed by what has turned into a steady stream of local clientele.  Stay tuned for pumper-updates, a new look, ordering information, and, of course, more recipes!

about the pictures

A very special thanks goes to Michelle, my talented photographer and beloved friend.  Without her loving support and encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Much photo credit also goes to Evan, as well as much gratitude.

contact info

Email:  jaclynn@pumpercake.com
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17 Comments to “pumpercake?”

  1. Jaclyn, I am so proud of you to undertake this wonderful endeavor. I look forward to reading each new article.
    Love you tons ~

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you!!!

  3. Hey Jackie!!! So happy for you! ❤ (:

  4. What a lovely blog! Makes me hungrey just looking at it! Can’t wait to follow along…
    Love, Judy

  5. What a great blog. Looking forward to following you and your wonderful creations

  6. Great start for you. The recipes look good so far. I was thinking about trying the carrot cookies. Can you use old fashion oats instead of the quick ones?

  7. So proud of you. Can’t wait to make he keylime truffles the recipie won’t go away will it?

  8. Jaclynn, this blog is awesome!!! Everything looks so delicious! I hope to be able to visit you and Evan soon. Miss you!!

  9. Jac this is A-MAZING! Ahhh I love it sooo fricken much! Seriously, everything looks so wonderful… and I mean everything; the recipes, the pictures, the writing. Awesome. I just hope my favorite Mama Lew Christmas cookies turn up soon… maybe I’ll make a visit so I can help you with the drizzling. Keep it up my Odette. xoxo

  10. Hey Jaclyn
    Do you have any good recipes for a dark chocolate cheesecake?

  11. It’s so lovely to find kindred spirits in the kitchen! Your blog is definitely inspiring me to try more baked items, as I seem to have concentrated mostly on other food stuffs!!!! Keep it up!! xoxox Sharon

  12. Yummy Yummy for my Tummy! 🙂

  13. Wow,, Jaclyn…..this is so great. Keep it up! I’m really impressed.

  14. Hi Jaclyn,

    I run the site, JoyofKosher.com, a community food and recipe site. I was looking for a 7 layer cake recipe to use in a menu I will be featuring next week and was wondering if I can post yours with one of the pictures. I will give attribution however you like. You can actually become a member of the site so that the recipe will have your name associated with it and a bio and we can credit the photos too. Please email me so that we can figure out the best way to work it out. You are doing great stuff – good luck!

  15. Hey little sister,

    Great Job on the site and the food! Cathryn and I have loved the many treats you have sent us. I love showing people your site, it’s amazing.


  16. Hey Jaclynn! Love everything about this site! Surely miss you and your enthusiasm! I’m glad that you have discovered a passion and love for baking! I am most definitely going to try some of these recipes! Thanks so much! Hope to see you soon!
    Nora =)

  17. Jaclyn,

    I am SOOO happy to see you ‘back’. I missed you. I love your site and your enthusiasm. I, too, love baking and do it every chance I get. Yesterday I made a Jewish Apple Cake from scratch for Veronice (her favorite) and it was delicious. I look forward to seeing more of your baking hints.

    Love you tons,
    Aunt Ida

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